In the 90s, immediately after the opening of the Institute, the Armenian Medical Institute leased the Institute of Surgery, headed by Corresponding Member of the National Academy of Sciences of the ASSR Alexander L. Mikaelyan (after who the medical institution is still named), who claimed that the medical institute should operate in the territory of the medical institution, or in the immediate vicinity of the medical center.

Later, when the Council of Founders was choosing a place for the branch, the opinion of the founder of Cardiovascular Surgery in Armenia was taken into account, and the choice fell on the building of polyclinic N 3, located near one of the largest medical centers in Armenia – the hospital “Erebouni”.

During the privatization the polyclinic was in a deplorable state. For two decades the building has changed significantly.

First of all, in 1992 the boiler-house of the Institute was built, which made it possible to regulate the beginning and the end of the heating perod independently, at the discretion of the Institute’s management. The main building of the Institute has been renovated, the construction works continue to this day, favorable conditions are created promoting to the implementation of progressive teaching methods that meet the requirements of the 21st century.

Each year the classrooms, study rooms, phantom classes, laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and technology. Since 2017, a number of laboratory classes have been built, occupying an essential part of the Institute’s second floor.

Recently, an anatomical museum was opened, where unique samples collected by the Institute’s staff during the last two decades are presented.

The sports hall with shower rooms, changing rooms and sports equipment has been in operation for more than 10 years. In 2019, it is planned to double the number of cabinets of the Chair of “Stomatology”.

One of the priorities of our Institute since the first days of its existence is the organization of the library workflow. The number of books today is 18623, most of which were composed by the teaching staff of the Institute. The Institute has a computer classroom and a reading room for extracurricular activities.

The management of the Institute creates all conditions for increasing the efficiency of the working time of teachers and students. There is a buffet on the 1st floor of the Institute, as the students spend most of their time in the Institute.

The conditions for the work of teachers are also important. In recent years, in addition to the premises for the chairs of the Institute, private offices have been allocated for the heads of the chairs.

For two and a half decades the image of AMI have been formed both in our country and abroad. Much has been done, however much remains to be done. As they say, the road will be mastered by the going.