Admission of applicants to the AMI is carried out in accordance with the “Admission Procedure to State and Non-State Higher Educational Institutions” approved by the relevant decree of the RA Government.

  Applicants take unified, centralized examinations for the AMI admission. Applicants are given the right to take unified (entrance) examinations in two of three subjects (based on applicant’s choice): “Physics” (written), “Chemistry” (written), “Biology” (written), and “Armenian language” as a non-competitive subject. Examinations are arranged and conducted by the Assessment and Testing Center, which was established by the RA Government. The admission to AMI is organized based on the results of unified republican examinations.

The Armenian Medical Institute annually announces admission for the academic year to the following faculties:

«091201.00.7» General Medicine, the qualification of MD Physician

«091101.00.7» Stomatology, the qualification of Doctor of Stomatology

The duration of study in the faculty of “General Medicine” is 6 years; in the faculty of “Stomatology” is 5 years.

 Applicants to AMI can be both RA citizens and foreign citizens who have secondary (full) or secondary professional education, without age restriction.

 The results of the entrance examinations are approved by the decision of the State Admission Committee in accordance with the “Admission Procedure to State Higher Educational Institutions” approved by the RA Government in 2012.

Required documents:

  • Application (filled in right in the Institute).
  • Graduates of previous years present the diploma together with the application from May 5 to June 1. Graduates of the 2011-2012 academic year present a certificate with a photo from the school sealed by the Headmaster, and the diploma (original) of secondary education is presented until July 10
  • 6 photos (3×4)
  • Document on military service
  • Identity document