Doctor of Medicine, Professor


In 1992-2000, she established and headed the Chair of Microbiology of the Armenian Medical Institute. Her scientific works are devoted to the issues of medication resistance of acid-resistant mycobacterium.

She is the author of many scientific articles, monographs and educational-methodological manuals.

In 1947-1966, Professor L.D. Zhuruli was working in the Institute of Fine Organic Chemistry of the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia as a Senior Researcher, then Head of the Laboratory. In 1966, she was invited to work at the Yerevan Advanced Training Medical Institute of the USSR Ministry of Health as Vice Rector on Academic Affairs. She has held that position for 23 years.

Since 1990, Professor Zhuruli has made a great contribution to the foundation of AMI. In 1994, Professor L.D. Zhuruli was bestowed the title of Honorary Professor of AMI “Doctor honoris causa”. Until the end of her life (2000), she was the Vice Rector of the Institute. on Academic Affairs.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor, NAS RA Academician


In 1991-2013, he established and headed the Chair of Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry of the Armenian Medical Institute. He was the president of the Armenian Association of Neurochemists, the deputy editor-in-chief of the Armenian-Russian magazine “Neurochemistry” (Moscow). He was a member of international scientific associations (USA, Canada, France, Germany) in the fields of Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Brain Research (JBRO –International Brain Berearch Organisation). He was also the Vice President of the International Academy of Natural Science. K.G. Gharagyozyan was awarded with the diploma and medal of “Anania Shirakatsi”, as well as with the international diplomas and medals of “Röntgen”, “Knight of Science”, “Paladini”, “Sisakyan”, “Robert Koch” and others.

He is the author of 580 published works, 2 monographs. He has received four certificates of authorship related to clinical-experimental studies of pulmonary tuberculosis.


Field of Research

Founder of the lipidology research in Armenia.

Research on the molecular mechanisms of the participation of phospholipids in normal and pathological conditions for the functional activity of biological systems of the organism.



Honoured Science Worker, Doctor of Medicine, Professor


In 1990-1995, he was the AMI Vice Rector on Clinical Affairs.

In 1950 he graduated from YSMI and in the same year entered a PhD programme in YSMI in the specialty of therapy, after which he defended his Ph.D. thesis and was recruited in the chair of Intermediate level therapy of YSMI.

In 1967 he defended his doctoral dissertation. In 1968-95 Doctor of Natural Science prof. R.S. Mamikonyan founded and headed the №1 Chair of YSMI. In 1973-80 R.S. Mamikonyan was the Dean of the YSMI Faculty of “General Medicine”.

Prof. R.S. Mamikonyan is one of the founders of nephrology in Armenia. He is the author of numerous articles and monographs.

Having a great pedagogical and medical-scientific experience, professor Mamikonyan has made a significant contribution to the formation and development of AMI.




Doctor of Medicine, Professor


He graduated with honors from the faculty of “General Medicine” of the Yerevan State Medical Institute. Then he studied a Ph.D. programme in the Moscow N1 Medical Institute after Sechenov under the guidance of world famous professors Abrikosov and Strukov. In 1953 professor A. Allaverdyan defended his Ph.D. thesis, and in 1971 he successfully defended his doctoral dissertation. In the same year he was awarded the scientific title of Professor by the USSR HAC.

Professor A.Allaverdyan was one of the founders of the Pathological Anatomy School of the Republic. For many years, he was the chief pathologist of the Ministry of Health of the Republic. More than 40 Ph.D. and doctoral dissertations were prepared and defended under his supervision.

  1. Allaverdyan started his pedagogical activity at a young age in the Yerevan State Medical Institute, and then in the Yerevan Advanced Training Medical Institute.

Professor A. Allaverdyan, being a true intellectual, scientist and teacher, became one of the first advocates of the Armenian Medical Institute. Since the foundation of AMI (1990), professor A. Allaverdyan has put his knowledge and a lot of effort into creating AMI.

In 1993 Prof. A. Allaverdyan was bestowed the title of Honorary Professor “Doctor honoris causa” for outstanding services in the establishment of AMI, as well as “Alexander Allaverdyan scholarship” was established. He headed the AMI Chair of Pathological Anatomy until his death.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


        In 2004-2016 Professor S.H. Khachatryan headed the Chair of Pathophysiology of the Armenian Medical Institute. He was an honoured worker of science, as well as the Vice-President of the RA National Academy of Sciences.

In 1997, he was awarded the title of “Man of the Year” (USA). He was the Chairman of the Scientific Association of Pathophysiologists in Armenia.

He was awarded with the medals “Purkyne” (1972, Czechoslovakia), “Hans Selye” (1976, Canada), “Janelidze” (1985, USSR Academy of Sciences).


Field of Research

Pathophysiological fundamentals of resuscitation science

Research on the organism death and resuscitation mechanisms


Scientific activity

For the first time his method (insulin in combination with glucose) was used in the post-resuscitation therapy. He is the author of 2 textbooks on pathophysiology, the monograph “Pathophysiological fundamentals of resuscitation science”, more than 500 published works, 20 inventions and innovative proposals.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


In 1994, V. M. Musaelyan founded and headed the AMI Chair of Forensic Medicine until 2010. In 1954 he graduated from the Yerevan State Medical Institute with honours and was employed by the Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination of the Ministry of Health of Armenia, first as a regional forensic expert, then as Head of the department of forensic medical examinations of corpses. In 1976, he was appointed Head of the Bureau of Forensic Medical Examination, chief forensic expert of the Ministry of Health of Armenia.

For almost 17 years, he has headed the forensic medical service in the Republic. Successfully combining the practical work with scientific and pedagogical activities, he published works on urgent issues of various departments of forensic medicine, most of which are devoted to

forensic trauma, sexology, toxicology and age examination. In 1965 he defended his Ph.D. thesis,


and in 1977 – his doctoral dissertation.

During his career, V.M. Musaelyan has repeatedly delivered reports at the sessions and scientific conferences of scientific associations of doctors. In 1991 by the decision of the Presidium of the USSR Academy of Medicine, he was appointed as a member of the Scientific Council for Forensic Medicine.

In 1982 at the Congress of Forensic Physicians, he was elected to the Presidium of the All-Union Scientific Association of Forensic Physicians. V.M. Musaelyan has headed the Armenian Scientific Association of Forensic Physicians for many years. He headed the Attestation Commission of Forensic Medicine of the RA Ministry of Health until 1993.



Doctor of Chemistry, Corresponding member of NAS RA


In 1990-2015 A.S. Noravyan headed the Chair of General and Bioorganic chemistry of the Armenian Medical Institute.

He was an organic chemist, neurochemist, member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, and a full member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences.


Field of Research

The main work was devoted to the synthesis of mono- and multi-heterocycles containing nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen, the development of new methods for their production, as well as the study of the link between the structure and biological activity of the materials obtained and the study of the chemistry of hetero-twins of natural alkaloids affecting the central nervous system.


Scientific activity

To discover and study the mutual reaction of six-membered heterocyclic centers containing nitrogen, sulfur and oxygen. He proposed the concept of the optimal bio-donation existing in condensed heterocyclic compounds, which is a necessary condition for the manifestation of


psychotropic activity.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


In 1997-2011 E.P. Stamboltsyan headed the Chair of Phthisiology of the Armenian Medical Institute.


Field of Research

The research on cardiovascular system changes in tuberculosis, research on the dynamics of treatment in the Dilijan mountain-climatic health resort.


Scientific activity

She has 108 published works; two textbooks, one in Armenian; an innovative proposal on the tuberculosis treatment and four methodological works. Three Ph.D. theses have been defended under her supervision. In recent years, she has been working on the epidemiology of tuberculosis, the issues of its clinics and treatment. She has prepared 54 clinical residents who work effectively in different cities and regions of the Republic of Armenia. The students of L.P. Stamboltsyan occupy responsible posts in the research institutes of Moscow and St. Petersburg.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


In 1993-2012 M.M. Vardanyan headed the Chair of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Armenian Medical Institute.


Field of Research

Clinical and physiological characteristics of the impact of hypertrophic disease of the


mother on the fetus

Syndrome of intrauterine growth restriction

Possible ways of prevention and treatment of intrauterine insufficiency

Experimental modeling of intrauterine insufficiency

Physical sexual development of children suffering from intrauterine growth restriction


Scientific activity

She was the first to substantiate the significance of uterine insufficiency and create an experimental model. She has been working on the impact of intrauterine growth restriction on the physical sexual development of children.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


Yuri Lazarevich’s parents were not doctors, but they have planted kindness, humanity and the desire to be useful to other people in him since childhood.

“We were living in Smolensk, when the war began. In 1944, when the city was liberated, my father was called again. I was studying in the 6th grade. There were many wounded in the hospital. I was working as a medical orderly (hospital attendant). Seeing the work of the surgeons, I had a desire to become a surgeon and to be useful to people,” says Yuri Lazarevich.

Professor Akhnazarov was a student of Sedrak Sharmanyan, as well as has collaborated with Professor Vigen Malkhasyan for many years.

Professor Akhnazarov has been engaged in pedagogical activities for more than four decades, along with practical activities. He has been working in the Chair of Surgery of the Yerevan Advanced Training Medical Institute for many years. Many of his students occupy high positions in the health sector of Armenia.

Professor Yuri Lazarevich Akhnzarov had more than five decades of work experience. It seemed like yesterday when in Kapan Professor Igor Viktorovich gave him a lancet, and with trembling hands he made his first operation – appendectomy. After graduating the HEI, he has worked in the Tula region for six years. Then he returned to Yerevan at the invitation of Narimanov, the Minister of Health, assumed obligations of the head of the surgical department of the hospital of the 4th main administration of the Ministry of Health.

In 1964, he entered a PhD programme in the Chair of Surgery of the Yerevan Advanced Training Medical Institute. In 1969, he defended his Ph.D. thesis and was employed by the Yerevan Advanced Training Medical Institute (National Institute of Health).

Professor Akhnazarov was invited to the Armenian Medical Institute three years after its foundation, and headed the Department of Surgical Diseases until his death.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


Professor V.N. Nersisyan was born in Yerevan on July 13, 1924.

1949 – Graduated from Yerevan State Medical Institute.

1950-1952 – Local doctor at Zalesovo local policlinics.

1953-1956 – General practitioner, then gastroenterologist at the 3rd policlinics of Barnaul.

1956-1957 – Venereologist at the Yerevan dermatovenerologic dispensary.

1957 – Laboratory assistant at the Yerevan Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion (later Hematology Center after R.Yeolyan).

1966-1972 – Head of the Serological Laboratory

Since 1972 – Head of the Department of Immunohematology

1967 – Defended her Ph.D. thesis.

1986 – Defended her Doctoral theses.

Her scientific researches refer to immunotransfusion, immunoreproduction, immunogenetics and anthropology. She is the author of over 200 scientific articles and 2 monographs.

1996 – Founder and Head of the Chair of Hematology and Clinical Immunology of the Armenian Medical Institute.

1996 – Member of the New York Academy of Sciences

1999 – Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences.



Doctor of Medicine, Professor


Nubar Aslanyan was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1931.

After finishing the Galustian National School in Cairo, he moved to Yerevan in 1947 and entered the medical institute in 1948, after which he worked as Head of the Local Department in the Aparan region. He continued his postgraduate studies and defended his Ph.D. thesis in 1960, receiving a Ph.D. degree in medical sciences. Later he defended his doctoral thesis and received a Doctorate degree. He was awarded the title of Professor in 1971.

  1. Aslanyan worked at the Heart Disease Research Institute in 1961. Since 1992, he has been a professor of the AMI chair of Biochemistry, later the founder and head of the chair of Clinical Biochemistry.

Professor N. Aslanyan is the author of more than 500 scientific works. N. Aslanyan was an excellent teacher, he was able to convey his knowledge and experience, accumulated  over the years, to his students.